Asymmetrical external venetian blinds

For asymmetrical windows.

WAREMA asymmetrical external venetian blinds provide ideal sun shading even with angled windows and, thanks to their special mechanism, are ideal for use with angles between 5° and 52°. They match the other styles of WAREMA external venetian blinds perfectly, allowing you to create a coordinated appearance. You may also wish to opt for the benefits of a solar drive.

  • Transom and mullion facade / conservatory
  • In front of the facade
  • In the reveal
  • Ventilated facade
  • Double skin facade
  • Optically adapted to WAREMA external venetian blind types
  • Suitable for use with nearly all asymmetrical windows with angles between 5° and 52°
  • Construction limit values:
    max. Width: 1670-2510 mm
    max. Height: 3.900 mm
    max. Surface: 7 m²
  • slats: Flat slat 80 mm
  • drive: 230 V central motor, solar drive