• Transom and mullion facade / conservatory
  • In front of the facade
  • In the reveal
  • Ventilated facade
  • Double skin facade – inside
  • In its standard form, the smallest external venetian blind slat stack on the market
  • 5 % higher rigidity / stability of the slats
  • Guide pin with high-grade 2-point welding
  • Optimised eyelets to reduce incidence of light
  • Redesigned cable guide eyelets permit the greatest possible tilt angle
  • New bottom rail with modern design
  • Construction limit values (depending on type and equipment):
    Max. width: 5000 mm
    Max. height: 5000 mm
    Max. area: 25 m²
  • Slat: beaded 80/60 mm
  • Available with vivamatic® (VM), slowturn (ST) and daylight transport element (TLT)
  • Drive: 230 V middle motor, crank