Venetian blind window systems

Perfect integration.

Venetian blind window systems can be integrated into the facade visibly or in a concealed form and are especially designed for exterior insulation and finish systems, making compliance with the current EnEV no problem. Create design features on your exterior walls with the wide range of aluminium part colours. Insect screen roller blinds, swivel doors and sash frames can be supplied with the venetian blind window systems to protect you from annoying insects.
A patented guide profile with integrated plaster base plate is optionally available!

  • Specifically designed for exterior insulation and finish systems
  • As a visual feature for facade design
  • Ventilated facade
  • In the reveal
  • In front of the facade
  • Refurbishments and renovations
  • Concealed integration in the facade because cover panels and fronts of guide rails can be set in plaster
  • Minimum installation work as external venetian blind is pre-mounted into the cover panel
  • No thermal bridges as external venetian blind is fixed above the guide rails, no separate cover panel fixing required
  • Insect screen can be integrated
  • Construction limit values:
    Max. height: 4000 mm
    Max. width: 4000 mm
    Max. area: 16 m²
  • Slats: beaded 80 S mm, flat slat 80 mm, dim-out slat 73/90/93 mm
  • Available with vivamatic® (VM), slowturn (ST) and daylight transport element (TLT), in a wind-stable model
  • Drive: 230 V motor